Feast Of Tabernacles Extravaganza Starting 2014

2014 Teacher Listing:

Yaakov benYosef

Rabbi Yaakov is the Rosh Yeshiva, and president of ABOUT Torah, The Ruach V'Emet Research Institute, and the Ruach V'Emet Messianic Synagogue. Rabbi Yaakov studied under an observant messianic rabbi and was given semikha on March 12, 1998 by the OMJRA. Rabbi Yaakov's ordination papers are currently on file with the OMJRA. Rabbi Yaakov also graduated with honors and holds degrees in computer science, and social and behavioral science. His specialty is studying the historical and social impact of religious beliefs. Rabbi Yaakov's research emphasis is the study of ancient society during the time of Yeshua. In addition to his teaching and administrative duties with Ruach V'Emet, Rabbi Yaakov currently serves as the Vice President of the OMJRA

Robbie Walters

Robbie is an elder with B’nai Israel Messianic Assembly. He has been studying Torah for 8 years. He received his ordination from Tallit Ministries through B’nai Israel Messianic Assembly under Rabbi Earl Walters. Robbie’s teachings focus on the Pashat and Remez levels with an emphasis on newer believers and those who need a refresher on the foundations of Torah study. Robbie has a degree in Aviation Management and works as an IT technician.

Michael H. McCann Sr.

Michael is an elder with B’nai Israel Messianic Assembly. Michael’s Torah foundations are of a Conservative Jewish background in Sarasota, Florida including Bar Mitzvah and further studies until going into the Marine Corps. He has been studying Torah as a child to present and has been teaching for the past 15 years. He received his ordination from Tallit Ministries through B’nai Israel Messianic Assembly under Rabbi Earl Walters. His teaching focus is looking deeper to see what the Ruach has in mind. With an extensive travel background into 22 countries mostly in the Middle East and Asia this adds to his knowledge of different cultures, geography and mindset of the Eastern perspective. A firm believer in the 1st stated principle of scripture, and the basic 4 of Pashat, Remez, Midrash and Sod. It is truly a joy to taste and see that Adoni is Tov.

Stan Randall

Stan and his family attend B'nai Israel Messianic Assembly. His background in ministry includes several years as a children's pastor, and his heart and passion is ministry to the family. Stan's particular focus in his Bible studies are the Prophets and Writings, and as such he frequently teaches the haftarah portions at B'nai Israel. Versions of these teachings can be read on his blog, Haftarah, Will Travel.

Earl Walters

Earl is an ordained Rabbi affiliated with OMJRA and a student of Torah for the past 15 years or so. In 1998 I began teaching Torah at a local assembly. Upon closure of that assembly, we established a home fellowship that eventually grew to the point that we were able to rent facilities for the next several years as the assembly grew. In 2009, Yahweh allowed us to take a one year sabbatical to study and pray. In early 2010 we began to study again with a few friends and family. That fellowship has now grown to become B’nai Israel Messianic Assembly of which I hold the position of Naci. I also serve as senior teacher in a group of 5 teachers who rotate in responsibilities.